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Welcome to Dazzle Bedding And More.

For a unique kind of style and trend, Dazzle Bedding and More is the company for you. The design team has created new and improved products and accessories that can turn your average looking bedroom into everything you ever dreamed of. With the hard work and dedication from our employees, we strive to exceed the average expectation from our customers. With the ever-evolving collections of comfort and style, there is a unique design and collection with your name on it. Choosing a style of a bedroom can be more difficult than we realize. Many people want to match a theme or go for a certain color trend. Having these types of visions is what makes shopping for bedding items a disaster. We recommend that you shop with an open mind. Maybe you find the color you are looking for but not the pattern you wanted. With these minor varieties, you will fall into a shopping nightmare if you are not open minded. There are so many varieties of colors, patterns and materials. Dazzle Bedding and More makes it simple and easy to shop for the things.

Our store and website has more options that many retail companies. We offer a variety of styles. This includes beach themes, nautical, traditional, luxury patterns, elegant, soft, cottage themed and more. Our team explores all the new trends and fashions and creates items for an affordable budget. Seasons can also be fun and exciting. With new patterns and colors arriving for all occasions, it is nice to purchase new bedding around those times. Many of the decorative items are exclusive to only Dazzle Bedding and More. We want to transform your room into a magical place that is designed with your taste and style. Create your very own getaway inside your favorite room of the house.

Our Vision

The vision of Dazzle Bedding and More, is quite simple. When it comes to the world of bedding, we provide more than the everyday, average products. With satisfaction on the mind, it is not hard to provide luxury items at affordable prices. With our reputation on the line, our products are made with high quality components to provide you with the best comfort. What you sleep on truly makes a difference. As you may not know, you can feel the difference between certain types of materials. We do not take other name brand products and call them our own. Instead, we provide you with a line of high quality products for you to choose from. In most cases, many people have an impulse to purchase bedding items. Whether it is color or design that sticks out to us, many people purchase bedding items on an impulse. That is why we want you to know that we value your purchase.

Satisfaction is very important to Dazzle Bedding and More. It can be difficult to choose a pillow type, fitted sheet or even comforters. So that is why we offer a large selection of products. You can choose from different colors, patterns, and even different materials. There are so many varieties and options to choose from. All you have to do is find the right company and begin your search. It is that simple.

No matter what you are searching for, Dazzle Bedding and More has you covered. Our large selection of bedding and other bedroom accessories, is what makes shopping easy. Choose from various color styles and designs. Your choice is within our selection of products. Have a look around our website to see what you can add to your bedroom or the kids bedroom. When low prices and high quality is what you are looking for, you can always count on Dazzle Bedding and more.